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Partnering for Success: NSGit™

comforte's Partner network continues to expand!

The concept of technology companies partnering with each other to deliver joint solutions is not something new in the NonStop community. From comforte’s perspective, partnerships have been extremely valuable to our customers by providing them with the strongest technology solutions available. Partnerships typically make things easier from a procurement, licensing, and support point of view. Our customers know they can have conversations with the comforte account teams to understand what technology options are available on NonStop systems.


New for 2018, we added another Technology Partner to the comforte Partner team. 

Nexbridge Inc., led by Randall Becker (Managing Director), and comforte Inc. have agreed to an Exclusive Distribution Partnership for the NSGit™ solution. comforte Inc. will serve as sales and licensing, and Nexbridge Inc. will continue with its development and technical support role.

NSGit™ is catching a lot of buzz right now. NSGit™ extends Git™ capabilities on NonStop systems beyond OSS to include GUARDIAN. Many organizations who are looking to standardize their Source Code Management (SCM) or their Version Control System (VCS) , have looked at, or are already utilizing Git™ somewhere in their Enterprise (estimated 40% of companies running NonStop have Git™).

As you may or may not know, Git™ was originally designed by Linus Torvalds (yes, the original creator of Linux), as a control system. Git™ is considered open-source, however, the capabilities of Git™ for NonStop only reach the OSS Subsystem. NSGit™ completes the objective for organizations who want to extend Git™ to reach the GUARDIAN OS on NonStop.

What NSGit™ does is provide a common way for developers who are unfamiliar with NonStop systems to be able to execute Git™ compatible functions on NonStop systems. This allows developers to get more done in less time and with less pain.  And, for those who are concerned about security on the NonStop systems, NSGit™ utilizes HPE NonStop SSH (developed by comforte, licensed by HPE for the NonStop OS) for secure communications between systems.

From a licensing perspective, NSGit™ is not open-source, however, your organization can license NSGit™ from comforte. Download the factsheet by clicking the button below and talk to your comforte Account Executive to learn more about how NSGit™ can add value to your organization.

Download Fact Sheet


As mentioned in the July 2017 comforte Newsletter, comforte is also the Exclusive Distribution Partner for DataExpress™, the only Secure Managed File Transfer application available for HPE NonStop systems, and for Open Systems.

DataExpress™ is unofficially known as the “FedEx of File Deliveries” – if you need to exchange files with another company - securely, tracked, and on-time - then get it done with DataExpress™. Today, there are both small and large organizations managing file exchanges with DataExpress™, where they send and receive tens of thousands of business critical files – many which have to comply with SLAs (Services Level Agreements). It doesn’t matter what security or transmission mechanism is required, DataExpress™ will manage, track, and automate the transmission to get it done on-time or promptly send notifications in the event of an exception. 

Teams no longer need to manage complex scripting or intricate Batch Job scheduling – DataExpress™ replaces all of that functionality to simplify automation, troubleshooting, and error handling.  Files are exchanged securely with FTP, but also with most other transport mechanisms, including IBM Connect:Direct™. DataExpress™ specializes in centralizing and automating all of your file exchanges, managing them securely, and proving that the transmissions were sent and received (so your auditor is happy).

If your organization wants to reduce risk when exchanging files across private and public networks and if your organization wants to spend less time with configuration and setup, then contact your comforte Account Executive for more information.  In the meantime, you can access the factsheets by clicking the buttons below.

DX for NonStop      DX Open Platform

DataExpress™ is owned by the DMB Group, who will continue to stay involved through development, technical support, and product demonstrations.

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