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May 4, 2023 l Data Protection

Are IT Leaders Suffering from a False Sense of Security?

IT and security leaders face challenges on multiple fronts today. On the one hand, there are insatiable business demands for more digital...

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Apr 13, 2023 l Data Protection, Big Data Analytics

Why Data Protection is Critical to the New U.S. Cybersecurity Strategy

While the threat landscape moves at a sometimes dizzying speed, there are some parts of the cyber-sphere which have been ossified for decades. One is...

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Mar 23, 2023 l Data Protection, Big Data Analytics

Cyber-Criminals Are Innovating: It’s Time to Hit Back with Data-Centric Security

The technology industry can move at dizzying speed. But in a space where change is the only constant, one trend has persisted over the years: a cyber...

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Feb 16, 2023 l Data Protection, Compliance

Privacy-by-Design Becomes an ISO Standard: a New Driver for Data-Centric Security

Consumer trust in online services is a growing preoccupation of today’s boardrooms. That’s because customers are increasingly prepared to walk if...

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Dec 2, 2022 l Data Protection, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing

How to Complete a Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud computing is driving a new post-pandemic wave of digital transformation across the globe. Gartner forecasts spending on related services will...

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Sep 29, 2022 l Data Protection, Data Discovery & Classification

Why Data Discovery is the First Step to Effective Data-Centric Security

In a world of IT complexity, escalating cyber risk and rigorous compliance requirements, data-centric security is winning favor with a growing number...

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Jul 28, 2022 l Data Protection, Data Breaches, Research, Trends, and Predictions

Report: Data-Centric Security Could Save Breached Firms Over $750K

Organizations are investing more than ever in cybersecurity. Recent research reveals that mean spending was up 60% year-on-year to reach $5.3m, and...

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Jun 23, 2022 l Data Protection

Forrester Reveals comforte Could Drive ROI of 305%

At comforte, we’ve been talking about the benefits of data-centric security for years. But for IT security buyers, having the right information to...

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Jun 14, 2022 l Data Protection, Financial Services

Financial Services Firms Must Protect Data to Mitigate Growing Risks

Organizations in most verticals experienced a surge in cyber-threats over the course of the pandemic. But the criticality of financial services and...

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