Jan 12, 2023 l Data Protection

Beyond IT: Why Security Solutions Must Appeal to Multiple Personas

There was a time when cybersecurity was lodged firmly under the remit of the IT department. No longer. Today, the most successful business leaders...

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Jan 5, 2023 l Data Protection

Why Technology Convergence is the Future of Cybersecurity

Most IT security functions have accrued multiple point products over the years. Some were acquired through M&A activity. Others may have been brought...

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Dec 15, 2022 l Data Protection

Data Security as a Competitive Differentiator in 2023

Many organizations will be heading into 2023 with some amount of trepidation. Rising interest rates and inflation coupled with a cost of living...

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Dec 8, 2022 l Data Protection, Big Data Analytics

A Year in Review: Top 9 Cybersecurity Lessons of 2022

This time of the year is always a good moment to pause and take stock of what has gone before. For IT and security leaders, there’s been plenty to...

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Dec 2, 2022 l Data Protection, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing

How to Complete a Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud computing is driving a new post-pandemic wave of digital transformation across the globe. Gartner forecasts spending on related services will...

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Nov 24, 2022 l Data Protection

Putting the Brakes on Connected Car Privacy and Security Risks

Data runs the world. Estimates suggest 97 zettabytes will be created in 2022 alone; equivalent to 97 billion TBs. But while corporate IT bosses and...

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Nov 17, 2022 l Data Protection, Research, Trends, and Predictions

Security and Privacy in 2023: What to Watch Out for Next Year

Back in January, few could have predicted the events that have unfolded this year. So trying to anticipate trends for the coming 12 months is always...

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Nov 10, 2022 l Data Protection, Cloud Security

How to Build a Successful Cloud Security Strategy

Cloud computing saved many organizations during the pandemic as they rapidly recalibrated to support mass home working and reach more customers...

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Nov 3, 2022 l Data Protection, Data Breaches, Asia-Pacific

Breaches at Australian Firms Highlight Need for Data-centric Security

In the security industry we often talk about industry trends with a detached, generalist viewpoint. It’s only when real incidents happen and...

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