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Solid8 Technologies New Distributor for comforte AG

Johannesburg, South Africa - 8 April 2021 - In today’s digital-dominant world, protecting your data has never been more crucial especially when it comes to your personal and business information. Businesses are not only looking to collect data, but to ensure that it stays protected in any environment. Comforte AG’s data-centric software not only specialises in the highest levels of data protection, but also in the ability to learn and adapt in the hyper-digital age. They are partnering with Solid8 Technologies and its affiliate Solid8 International to bring Southern Africa a continuous approach to data discovery and data security that is easy to implement.

About the comforte AG and Solid8 Partner Program

Solid8 Technologies is excited to announce their Distribution Partnership Program with comforte AG. They are committed to bringing Africa data security that will allow businesses to protect data in any environment. ‘Data privacy is a fundamental right,’ says Patrick Devine, Solid8’s Data Security Specialist and Head of Sales. ‘It is key that organisations take seriously the impact of protecting and managing the data they have been entrusted with. Take for example the more recent high profile security breach at SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange.’ Devine remarks that ‘this data breach highlights the urgent need for organisations to focus on “Data Security” as opposed to “Perimeter Security.”’

Michael Deissner, CEO of comforte AG, adds ‘Data privacy and security have never been more important than today. Organisations are facing risks from external attacks and insider threats, and they are faced with an ever-growing list of regulatory requirements. All these factors are impacting the speed at which organisations are able to innovate. By combining the deep expertise of Solid8 and its local partners with comforte AG’s technology leadership, we remove such roadblocks to digital agility and innovation.’

About Solid8 Technologies

Solid8 Technologies is a cyber security distributor based in South Africa. Solid8 Technologies is proud to represent the market leader in this field in the African region. ‘The hyper-acceleration to cloud technologies and the challenge of managing the flow of data is within itself a security challenge,’ says Devine. He goes on to say that ‘Solid8 is in a strong position to assist orgainsations who implement Data Security programs.’

About comforte AG

Comforte AG started with the idea to connect data systems securely. They have over 20 years of experience with more than 40, Fortune 500 companies they assist from all over the world. They were even named ‘Overall Leader’ and ‘Product Leader’ by KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass for Database and Big Data Security’ at the start of 2021.

Comforte AG monitors network traffic while identifying sensitive data. They consolidate that data to mediate and create a safe environment. Furthermore, comforte AG protects sensitive data by means of tokenization. ‘“Tokenized” data preserves the format and business logic of the original data but are rendered worthless or unusable if the data is lost or stolen,’ says Devine.

They have also committed itself to upholding POPIA, the Protection of Personal Information Act, which will come into effect by July 1 of 2021. They are also in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the Payments Card Industry's Data Security Standard (PCI DDS). South Africans can feel safe knowing that their privacy will be protected with comforte AG.

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