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M² Business Consulting GmbH and comforte AG Announce New Partnership for Secure Digital Enablement

Wiesbaden, Germany - 10 June 2022 - Enterprise data security company comforte AG and M² Business Consulting GmbH have announced a new partnership to enable major organizations in the DACH region to adopt new and emerging IT more quickly and securely.

Dennis Stoeckel, Director Strategy at M² Business Consulting commented, “we are proud to be working together with comforte, a global leader in enterprise data security. In today’s business world where customer data and insights are the new gold, you need a smart way to protect this asset. With our knowledge and expertise, and with comforte as our trusted partner, who knows how to protect the information, we provide customers a whole new level of secure data excellence.”

He continued, “together with comforte, we can ensure continuous growth combined with high-class security for our clients. The data-centric approach to security with comforte's scalable technology offers the best way forward for businesses to assess, classify, and protect critical data quickly and effectively.”

Thorsten Daniels, SVP Sales at comforte added, “we’re greatly looking forward to working together with M²BC in the DACH region. Their expertise and experience in advising organizations in matters of digital innovation and data excellence perfectly complement our Data Security Platform. Together we are better prepared to enable digital innovation at organizations seeking to securely implement data analytics and adopt cloud applications while complying with ever stricter data privacy regulations, which are top priorities at every modern enterprise.”

Major organizations across the world, be it telecommunications companies, insurance providers, energy companies or railways, are all undergoing digital transformations via automation, cloud migration, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This trend is already in high gear and is only gaining pace, which is putting these organizations under increased pressure to innovate and quickly adopt new and emerging technology in order to remain competitive in the future. At the center of this trend is a vast amount of data that this technology processes, which is invaluable when making informed business decisions, but it also introduces a great deal of complexity and risk. This puts businesses in a precarious situation where they want to leverage their new investments in cloud applications and learn as much as possible from the data, but they also must keep it protected.

Data security is already top of mind for executives across the DACH region, owing to an ever increasing cybersecurity threat landscape as well as data privacy regulations such as the EU’s GDPR or Switzerland’s revDSG, among others. So in addition to the risk of losing the trust of customers and partners in the event of a data breach, there can be also be steep penalties if the breached organization wasn’t taking adequate measures to keep the data protected.

This is where the partnership between M²BC and comforte comes in. Comforte’s cloud native data security platform is revolutionizing how data can be used for various applications such as analytics, cloud applications, and artificial intelligence, all while the data is kept in a protected state, no matter if it’s on-premises, in the cloud, or traveling between the two. Many organizations are hesitant to adopt cloud technology due to concerns about data security, risk, and compliance. Cloud native tokenization technology breaks the paradigm of having to choose between protecting data or moving to the cloud and using data for analytics, which allows organizations to gain valuable insights while remaining compliant with data protection and pseudonymization requirements and without compromising the security of sensitive data.

M²BC has a proven record of guiding major organizations through successful digital innovation projects and has a keen understanding of the individual challenges and requirements of those handling vast amounts of sensitive data in the DACH region. Their knowledge and expertise combined with comforte’s data security platform will help organizations accelerate digital innovation and keep sensitive data safe. Ultimately, this partnership will enable organizations to secure their growth by securing their data.

About M² Business Consulting GmbH

M² Business Consulting is a management consultancy founded in 2013 in Pullach near Munich. The focus of their work is to help medium-sized and large companies to optimize their customer relationships - analog and digital. Alongside their customers, M²BC consultants deliver an individual roadmap for the optimal digital transformation of customer relationships across all touchpoints.

The expert teams enable their clients to define & implement the right strategy, work based on well thought-out concepts, find clever implementation approaches and deliver the right dose of change management to implement digital transformation efficiently and sustainably in the organization.

About comforte AG

Comforte was founded in 1998 by the creators of a connectivity solution for mission-critical systems. A logical next step for comforte was to not only connect systems, but to also make sure that communication is always done in a secure fashion. Organizations around the globe are running their ATM and Point-of-Sale networks securely thanks to comforte.

As their experience with securing data in motion increased, they decided to extend their technology to securing data at rest as well. Finally, after deploying solutions at many organizations worldwide over the years, they took their portfolio one step further and created a data security platform that seamlessly integrates into the most modern cloud native environments as well as traditional core systems.

Building on more than 20 years of experience in unlocking more value from systems that never stop, comforte has evolved into a market leader for data security and cloud native tokenization and proudly serve over 500 enterprise customers across the globe.

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